Just when you thought you knew a little about the glorious Netherlands...

Just when you thought you knew a little about the glorious Netherlands...

It is not about Anne Frank House. It is not about Keukenhof. No one cares about our football (anymore *sigh*). It is not about all kinds of things you can legally smoke over here. It is about Haarlem and, in particular, its inhabitants. We are 'Muggen'. Haarlemse Muggen.

Right, right? Doesn't make any sense at all, when you're just visiting, piercing native eyeballs with your selfie sticks and barfing in our canals after a zillion Heinekens, does it? We'll explain.

You were prolly told back home that the Netherlands is mostly about Amsterdam. Incorrect. Although Amsterdam is the home of the victorious Ajax, it is really all about Haarlem. Haarlem is lovely, less busy than its neighbour, closer to the beach and home ground of 'muggen'. Haarlem is the real place to be. The fact that a lot of people from Amsterdam tryin' to move here (making our housing prices rocket, so on behalf of town's home owners: thank you loadzzz) proves not only our point, it also proves that they agree on this one even in Amsterdam. Muggen, so, that's right. Musquitos, in many languages, in case anyone cares about the exact translation.

So, the great inhabitants of the beautiful city of Haarlem are called ‘Muggen'. Now you know. Wanna know more? Like 'why?' or an answer to 'uhhh, what?' Follow us @haarlemsemuggen, like us @ facebook and you'll get to know sometime in the near future.

Can't wait? Try wikipedia and / or visit merchandise @ www.haarlemsemuggen.nl. Orders will be accomponanied by information on Haarlemse Muggen (that is: on request. No request = just a receipt + shirt in a box). This means ordering our awesome stuff does not only make you the proud owner of 'Muggen' apparal. You will also gain the gift of knowledge, so you can die a wise(r) person. *dab* Geschreven door; .023hoursaday.nl

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